Decreased performance today. from 2022-04-06 12:28 PM EDT to 2022-05-01 12:00 PM EDT

Scheduled maintenance Montreal Datacenter Paris Datacenter
2022-04-06 12:28 PM EDT · 3 weeks, 3 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes



You are probably noticing some decreased performance today while we get things moved around for the next upcoming complimentary hardware upgrades.

We are replicating nodes to new hardware, which will take several days and then we will be re-syncing and consistency checking as they are migrated for the rest of this month.

This has caused a bit of a performance hit on cloud servers that have mounted NAS volumes, so we’ve placed network/transfer rate limits on future syncs.

The current pool still has about 8 hours left before the sync/transfer is complete. Subsequent transfers will cause less performance hit over the next week or two.

We apologize for any performance issues this may cause. We will update you next month about the status of the new faster hardware upgrades.

Thanks for choosing!

April 6, 2022 · 12:37 PM EDT

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